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Looks, smells, sounds, feels, tastes and swims like a wounded baitfish!

Features and Benefits

  • Works for All Predatory Fish
  • Incredible "Spasmic" Action
  • Unique Bite-Mark Design
  • 3D Hologram Design
  • Creates a Powerful Scent Trail
  • Get Fish to Strike and Strike Often
  • Appeals to All 5 senses - Sight, Sound, Smell, Feel, and Taste

"Make this the Best Fishing Season of your life with Mighty Bite™!
The ONLY proven 5-sense fishing lure system"

Mighty Bite™ Inventor
Jeff Mancini

Package Includes

  • 10 Mighty Bite™ Lures
  • 14 Adjustable Mighty Bite™ Fins
  • 12 Rattles that "Sounds the Dinner Bell"
  • 12 Unique Mighty Bite™ Scent Sticks
  • PLUS Weed Guards, Popper and Tail Weights, No-Miss Deadly Treble

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